“Michelle, I love the new film on my windows. 
I was telling David since we took one door down into the sunroom, I was afraid to get my power bill for the past month.

I could tell a big difference in the temperature of the rooms on the front of the house after all those windows were covered.  When the bill came, I was so happy.  It was $112.00 and that was $8.00 less than last year.  It has been very hot this past month and I was afraid would be much higher.  I keep a spreadsheet of my utilities so I know from year to year what my power and gas bills run.  Having a new 3-ton AC unit help cut down on power couple of years ago, in fact was two years ago today that I had a new A/C unit installed.

I told David I am all set now!!

Thank you so much for your help and knowledge of how the film could help with my power bills.

Have a good week.”
Wanda, Residential Window Film Client

“Carolina Premier Window Films has been our go-to company for all our window film needs. From getting pricing of film in a timely manner, to outstanding customer service when picking up materials and products. Michelle Clark has always been very helpful with any questions that arise. I would recommend Carolina Premier Window Films to all of our customers for any window film needs.”
Ed Stokes, Estimator/Project Manager, DMG Glass