with LLumar Window Film

With LLumar Window films, every room is the best spot for you!

Reduce the energy bills and live like royalty. You will be surprised how significant the roles your windows play in your home. With LLumar Window Films, you can stabilize the temperature of every room in the house so you can stop worrying about the hotspots. Your efficiency and comfort are what we look after; therefore, no matter the climate, we can assure you of energy efficiency. So, get the best heating and cooling options all year round, at an affordable price, with the installation of
LLumar window films.

Are you concerned about stabilizing the temperature in your home? Leave that to us!
LLumar Window films offer you the freedom to open the blinds and let the light in. Yes! Enjoy different shades of light as we have ranges of films to suit your needs.
Bask in the euphoria of a beautiful view no matter the shade of film you choose.

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“Carolina Premier Window Films has been our go-to company for all our window film needs. From getting pricing of film in a timely manner, to outstanding customer service when picking up materials and products. Michelle Clark has always been very helpful with any questions that arise. I would recommend Carolina Premier Window Films to all of our customers for any window film needs.”
Ed Stokes, Estimator/Project Manager, DMG Glass