Fade Protection

with LLumar Window Film


People are fascinated by so many things; some enjoy placing artwork in their homes, others love the beautifully stained wood on their floors, and a few others are mesmerized by wall paintings that light up a room. Regardless of your passion in your home, there is a possibility of fading if it is not well protected. This is where LLumar Window Films come in. We offer total protection from the harsh effects of sunlight, blocking 99% of UV rays and preserving fabrics, artworks, carpets, furniture, and other items that are important to you in your home. By installing Solar Control Films, you can enjoy the luxury of opening your blinds without worrying about
your favorite items fading.

Prolonged, direct exposure is not good for the skin or your family’s health; therefore, the Skin Cancer Foundation, rightfully so, endorses LLumar as part of its comprehensive skincare program.


LLumar Window Film blocks the key contributors of fading in your home.

Unfortunately, clear glass only blocks 29% of direct sunlight and can leave your family susceptible to the harsh effects of sunlight, while Dual Pane glass exposes the house to 46% of direct sunlight. However, with LLumar Window Film, only 1% of direct sunlight comes through, which is not harmful to the skin or body.

Therefore, whether you are changing your décor or getting some new items to complement the house’s style, you can be sure of its durability.

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